AGM Overview

AGM 2016 Overview

This years AGM was a jam packed meeting, covering an extensive review of our year. Below are some key points:

  • We lead the way with our 3 shared care schemes, (PEARS / Cataract referral / IOP Repeat Measures). A lot of hard work has been undertaken in setting up these schemes and auditing the schemes, which in collaboration with Wolverhampton Eye Hospital resulted in winning the RWNHST Clinical Audit Award 2015 in PEARS. 
  • Help and advice was given by the PSC Support team on the NHS portal used to order GOS paperwork.
  • Continue support of shared schemes with further auditing the schemes. Going forward we aim to implement a exciting new Vitro Retinal project cememting the relationship between Wolves LOC and WEI.
  • We still strive for post cataract assessments, and monitoring IOP following hospital discharge. 
  • Aim to keep high standards for schemes with free compulsory PEARs training / training evenings and annual CET day.
  • A brilliant CET lecture on Keratoconus delivered by Jaishree Gandewar gave a full knowledge on collagen cross linking in terms of techniqure and results expected. Also an ideal patient catchment was discussed.  
  • In spite of all of the continued and growing support from Wolves LOC an agreed RECUDTION on the LOC levy has been approved to 3.75% 
  • 3 new officers were elected in - Congratulations to Paul Sidhu / Aemman Alam / Hardip Bahia.

All documents from the AGM will remain on the website, use the links below. 

Co Chairs Annual report 2015 - 2016

Treasurers report 2015 - 2016

Business Plan 2016-2017

Accounts 2015 - 2016 

Proposed Budget 2016 - 2017

Comparative accounts 2014-2015 / 2013-2014

Memorandum of Understanding between LOC and Primary Eyecare Company