Referral Guidelines

Referral Schemes exist for Cataract / Glaucoma / Wet AMD (WECs)


All other referrals are to be completed legibly written on a GOS18 and referred via GP with the correct referral time scales indicated for the GP. 

Note Wolverhampton has three referral timescales:

  • Emergency - TO A&E - It is good practice to call Wolverhampton Eye Hospital (01902 695800) and send patient with referral letter.
  • Urgent within 72 hours - Write referral and give to patient arrange appointment with GP for referral.
  • Routine - within 8 weeks, normal written referral to GP
  • Note - Only PEARS/MECS practices can refer straight to ARC


There is exciting news!

Wolves LOC are working hard with WEI and GP's to create a direct to WEI referral scheme. Going live in 2016/17