VR Training project

We're delighted to share details of the VR Project Training.  


Our second phase of training for 20 PEARS/MECS optoms in recognition of tobacco dust, PVD and retinal tears with practical patient-based sessions at the Eye Infirmary.

Optoms qualifying for training will be:

  • Those active in PEARS/MECS, based in Wolverhampton
  • Will have seen Mr Balaggan's VR presentation at the seminar.

Attendees will receive 3 CET points each.


In the meantime, the LOC cannot recommend strongly enough that you start to practice some dynamic vitreous examinations when you have a dilated patient.


UPDATE: Congratulations to all those who took part in our first session of VR Training, We hope you will all be pioneers to continue collaboration with Optometry and Ophthalmology when the Wolves LOC IOP Refinement training project begins in 2017.