WECS Decommissioning

We have now clarified and agreed on the requirements for practices and practitioners wishing to join the new Extended services - MECS, and IOPRM. 

There will be a 3-month window to complete and upload the 'IGT Policy Bundle Practice Version' on QiO (before 1/12/17).

There will be an ongoing requirement for all practices to be present at the annual MECS Training Evening, as indeed there is now.

Note that the contract covers all 3 services this time.

To participate a practitioner MUST have accreditation for MECS, cataract and IOPRM all ready before 1st September.

Original WOPEC forms for each service, including OSCE for MECS Must be uploaded to Optomanager.

There will be a requirement for certificates for Safeguarding Level 2 Adults & Level 2 children. (The life of this qualification is 3 years, so please make a note of when you need to retake them.)

The above information is required at service commencement on 1st September.

Once the contact starts there will be 2 further requirements Complete Prevent training before 1/12/17 Upload evidence of 3 MECS-related CET points from CET you have undertaken in 2016 and 2017. (These can be a single session or 3 individual 1-point sessions) We will be asking you to upload screenshots from CET.optical.org - on the screen of the points you have previously accepted, you can click on each completed session, take a screenshot and then upload into Optomanger.

Finally there will be an ongoing requirement to attend one LOC MECS training session in each calendar year.